Weight Loss

For those interested primarily in weight loss, this program is strategically designed to eliminate excess weight while leaving you feeling energized, healthy, balanced & encouraged to continue after you leave Dhamma Hadaya.

Re- balancing

Specifically engineered to address the needs of stressed out executives, anyone facing their mid-life crisis or grappling with low energy levels, this program combines indulgent relaxation and de-stressing treatments with mindful education to incorporate holistic health even in the most high stress everyday life.

De Addiction

Any sort of addiction is a psychological and physiological dependence on any substance viz alcohol, drugs, caffenine, cigarettes, food, etc. We believe restraining from substance is not a permanent solution for any sort of vulnerability and at Dhamma Hadaya we strengthen your mind, restructure your thought process, enhance spirituality and rebalance your physiology to over come any such vulnerability.


Harmonizing health science innovations from around the world with the most effective treatments of Sri Lankan Ayurveda, Dhamma Hadaya offers a thoughtful, sustainable approach to wellness. We prepare your body to revitalize you and educate your mind so that you could leave our wellness retreat with healthy habits and practices which allow you to enjoy greater mental, spiritual and physical well-being for years to come.

Address Your Stress

For anyone who knows they need a break to get unstuck and to reboot, yet prefers to take a more general approach to rejuvenating the mind, body and sprit, this fully bespoke program requires absolutely no prior exposure to wellness, fitness or health lifestyle. Anyone will benefit from this custom combination of relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education.

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