Dr Saman Weerawansa, Founder/CEO of IC Heart/dhammahadaya.org is an educationist, well-known speaker, national trainer, professional counselor, coach and mentor in peak performance, mind body wellness, family enrichment, character building and personnel effectiveness.

As a dynamic and entertaining speaker, he inspires and inform people, helping them to realize their true potentiality. His commonsense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes, with a career expanding over different professions in business, academic, public and corporate sectors. He has a wide experience in working with the media and conducting programs for people development. Through his workshops he has helped more than 300,000 persons in both private and public sector to realize their full potential on the path of personnel growth, success and fulfillment.

He studied at Nalanda Collage Colombo. He holds a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Bio Science, Masters of Science, Masters of Arts and 6 Post Graduate Diplomas. He is the first PhD holder in the field of good governance in Sri Lanka.

He has started his career as a teacher and proceeded successfully being the Deputy Principle and Deputy Director, non- formal education at the Ministry of Education. Thereafter, he joined Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) as a Director Academic and continued till July 2020.

Further, he is a Council Member of the Institute of Service Management and the OPA and he has been awarded several national and international awards including the TOYP Award and the Green Awards.