“Dhamma Hadaya” stems from the meaning “truth rooted in ones’ heart”. It is also a synonym for ‘Buddhist’ in Pali. From a phycological perspective it means “truth followed by heart for inner directed spiritual wellbeing”. Sustainable and lasting wellness begins by bringing oneself into balance with nature and allowing ourselves to receive nature from ourselves as well as from others. “Dhamma Hadaya” offers a uniquely Green sanctuary where this belief guides everything we do. Wellness programs in Ayurveda, yoga and mindfulness relaxation, Life skills & coaching combine on site pampering and rejuvenation with enlightened learning for healthy living long after you leave invigorating surroundings of our green wellness center.


Dhamma Hadaya is a non – profit Government approved charitable foundation. It is an international Retreat center for the practice and learning of Mindfulness Mediation and Sustainable Wellness. Dhamma Hadaya has MOUs with the Sathi Pasala Foundation and Redireka Foundation.

Our Staff & Trainers

Dhamma Hadaya (C-Hearts) has a dedicated staff who are available for your assistance in seeking your inner peace. This is not biased to any religion or religious matters, despite providing the pathway to experience the bliss of meditating. Our staff are friendly and ready to help you out to explore the areas of the human mind which are seldom utilized.


“To direct the modern world towards spiritual development and Enlightenment as the ultimate solution to many crises of human race such as war, terrorism, Drugs, non-communicable diseases, Environmental pollution, Poverty, political unrest, unrest in individuals and the stressful life styles they lead”


“To change and develop peoples’ psyche through meditation and mindfulness, workshops, talks, research, training on spiritual education, counseling, coaching, mentoring, Yoga, self-awareness, life guidance, soft skills development, literature, public discussions, media and research”


We value Teamwork, Leadership, Trust, Green productivity, Peace, Unconditional Love and Self-Confident of people.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Body consisting of reverends, trainers, academics and doctors who direct the facility includes:

Rev Udairiyagama Dammajewa

The founder of Sathi Pasala Foundation

Prof. Daya Rohana Athukorala

Educationalist – University of Colombo

Dr. Neil Fernando (MBBS, MD)

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist


Ornithologist and environmentalist

Dr. Dhanwardene Guruge

The Chairman of Guruge Group of Companies

Dr. Saman Weerawansa
Founder & CEO

An Outstanding Trainer in Moral Development