Sathiyoga Relaxation Program for Doctors

We have conducted a very successful program to a private group of ten doctors from Kandy Hospital from 25th to 29th December 2020. It is our pleasure that we got a very positive feedback at the end of the session. It was a residential program that was privately arranged and the hole team was with us for 5 days along with their family members. It was a unique opportunity to each of the participants as their kids too join the program.

The program was conducted by the Yoga master Leelananda Wickramaarachchi along with Rev. Kadugannawe Samith from Laggala Monetary, Master Ajith Pathirana has given a support during the session.

The founder of the Dhamma Hadaya Dr. Saman Weerawansa himself attended during the session and was making sure the participants are getting full benefits from the program.

One thought on “Sathiyoga Relaxation Program for Doctors

  1. Abimani Palihawadana says:

    Our next programme will commence on the 28th-31st of January. The theme of the program will be “Mindfulness Meditation with realxation techniques:Life coaching and Counselling”(Related yoga sessuins will also be conducted.)
    Keynote Speakers:
    Dr.Saranga Weerasinghe
    Dr.Suranga Amarakoon
    Dr.Saman Weerawansa
    Guest Speakers:
    Dr.Venura Palihawadana(Consultant Psychiatrist )
    Max no.of seats available 15

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